Leahy Wealth Management was founded on three basic principles:

  1. Help clients build, protect, and preserve wealth.
  2. Make the planning and investment process more transparent, understandable and controllable.
  3. No sales products or commissions, ever!

Ultimately, the real benefit of great wealth management is the peace of mind it provides to free yourself from the stress and burdens of financial uncertainty. That’s what great planning and investment management is all about, and that’s what Leahy Wealth Management Group is striving for with every client.

Our Approach
At Leahy Wealth Management Group we believe the wealth planning process starts by carefully listening to and discussing our client’s goals, and then tailoring a plan designed to support what’s most important to them.Helping clients maximize the financial options in their life is our primary objective.

Our approach is supported by decades of experience, personal client support, and creative technology. Through years of experience we have innovated the organization and presentation of our clients financial lives. This not only helps them with the priorities of their financial life today, but also empowers them to better see the possibilities of what their tomorrow might look like.

Helping Break Down the Barriers
We believe one of the biggest barriers to those striving to achieve lifelong financial independence is related to unnecessary planning and investment based complexity, which if not addressed correctly, leads to poor decision-making, emotional pitfalls, and counterproductive procrastination.

Therefore, one of the primary objectives of the firm is to be proactively engaged with clients as a trusted fiduciary partner dedicated to always keeping the planning and investment process on track, understandable, and transparent.

Our state-of-the-art Client Wealth Platform that is highlighted on our homepage video is just one example of our commitment to this objective.

Custodial Security with Fidelity

Fidelity Investments acts as the custodian for clients of the firm. Independently contracting with a large and secure company like Fidelity is entirely for the protection and peace of mind of the firm’s clients.

Fidelity’s role as custodian of assets also provides a back-office support team to the firm as the end line processor of account paperwork, client statements, and tax documentation.

It is important to note that Leahy Wealth Management Group is not affiliated with, or an agent of Fidelity. As such, the firm remains fiercely independent.

About the Founder


Robert Leahy is the Founder and CEO of Leahy Wealth Management Group. He is well recognized in the financial industry as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP), Accredited Estate Planner (AEP), and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

During his career as a financial professional Robert has managed significant assets on behalf of individuals, corporations, and municipalities, providing expertise in the areas of investment management, retirement planning, risk analysis, and estate planning.

  • Regular Forbes contributor as equity & ETF investment expert
  • Featured Wall Street Journal Wealth Advisor
  • Regular contributor at Investopedia

With over 25 years of experience Robert helps clients work toward and realize their most important goals and objectives through highly personalized planning and investment management services.

Throughout his career Robert has been committed to continuing financial education. He has earned several professional designations, and has completed graduate course work in finance and law from John’s Hopkins University and The Irwin Graduate School at The American College. He has a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business from The State University of New York, and is a participant in several professional organizations, including The National Association of Estate Planners & Councils.

Robert Lives in Manhattan with his wife Danielle and sons Jack and Chase. He’s available for speaking engagements and personal client meetings throughout the country.

Robert can be reached directly via Email, or toll free at (866) 773-9499.

A History of Innovating

Leahy Wealth Management Group was founded in 2002, to become one of the first advisors in the nation to provide portfolios based on exchange traded funds and indexes.

The firm was also an early adapter of embracing an independent and objective (no commission) fee only fiduciary care model. Designed to remove the inherent conflicts of interest from the advisory process, and always place the clients interests first.

In 2016, they continue to innovate by securely incorporating state-of-the-art technology designed to make the planning and investment process fully accessible and more transparent than ever before.

An Ongoing Commitment

Leahy Wealth Management is an independent advisor and is not affiliated with an investment bank, or any other corporate entity. The firm and the advice it provides is completely independent.

Leahy Wealth Management represents only their clients and their advice is always in their clients best interest.

They are a Fiduciary advisory firm, as such they have a legal obligation to do what’s in the best interest of their clients. This standard is far more rigid than the “suitability standard” which most in the financial industry operate under.

Strategic Alliances

On behalf of the firms clients Leahy Wealth Management Group acts as a team leader by encouraging and supporting collaboration with their client’s accountants, attorneys, and business managers to better assure a cohesive financial life plan.

For those clients in need of additional service providers the firm is happy to facilitate access to an extensive platform of well qualified professionals. These independent alliances with attorneys, accountants, and others provide clients with further access to areas, such as:

Estate Plan Administration

  • Wills, Trusts, GRATs
  • Family Foundations
  • Family Partnerships

Tax Planning

  • Personal Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax and Projection Analysis
  • Not-For-Profit and Business Returns

Business and Property Related Services

  • Business Retirement Plan Administration
  • P & L Analysis, Valuations, and Succession Planning
  • Property Management

Please note, there is no revenue sharing or compensation provided to Leahy Wealth Management Group for referrals of any kind. Referred professionals are only provided for client consideration, we’re happy to work with whomever our clients prefer.