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Risk Management: A Core Approach

October 17, 2017

In the last commentary I discussed a major market loss like that of the early 2000’s or 2008, as the single biggest risk for most investors. Today I’d like to discuss that risk from […]

Market Cycle: Is It Late?


July 17, 2017

Thus far 2017 has been a good year for investors. In fact, it’s been the best start to an investment year since 2006, with a moderate 60/40 benchmark portfolio up a healthy 6.3%.

Performance like […]

5 Retirement Planning Differences for the Wealthy

Today there’s an abundance of retirement planning advice available online and in the media.  The problem for high net worth individuals is that it’s often not appropriate for them, and rarely comes with a high net […]

Beating Wall Street with ETF’s and Index Funds

Here’s a historical fact:  Mutual funds, hedge funds, and other structured products have reduced the odds for investors to achieve optimal performance.

That’s because the vast majority of investment products have consistently underperformed their corresponding benchmark index.

Ironically, improving performance by reducing exposure to investment […]