Getting Started

There is a process; the first step is to contact us (866-773-9499) for a brief introductory conversation. Together, we can spend a few minutes discussing if we should schedule an initial consultation.

The second step is for you to gather the information listed on our Checklist for Initial Meeting. It is most helpful for us to review the items from the checklist before our initial consultation (or a summary of such) this information is very supportive to having a most productive first conversation. All information is treated with strict security and confidentiality.

During our initial meeting we’d like to learn more about you; your goals, and what you’d like to achieve by prospectively working with us. We’ll also spend time discussing how we work with clients, and answer any questions you may have. Since this conversation is for both of us to learn more about each other the meeting is at no cost to you.

The third step is for us both to determine if we should work together. If together we decide to move forward we’ll then sign an agreement that outlines the topics we’ve discussed.

The Onboarding Process

Once you’ve become a client we’ll move forward in the planning process by further analyzing your present situation and by learning more about what’s most important to you. We’ll then more clearly define your risk tolerance, future goals and objectives, and design a customized plan based on your personal situation.

Through our planning process you should achieve a greater level of financial clarity, and hopefully a much clearer perspective of how your financial goals are inherently intertwined with your life goals. Whether its securing your retirement and financial independence, educating children, supporting charitable causes, or passing wealth responsibly to future generations we’ll help you design the right plan – for you.

Moving Forward

The process does not end with a financial and investment plan, it is ongoing.

The goal at Leahy Wealth Management Group is to proactively be your financial advocate and advance your personal objectives on a regular and consistent basis in an always transparent manner. Our client service emphasis is “customization” everything we do is designed to tailor our services to align with each client’s personal situation.

  • Video conferencing with screen sharing and secure document access makes it easier than ever to conduct highly interactive and personal online meetings without the time wasted in traffic, or the concern of transporting sensitive information. This isn’t to say we aren’t available for in-person meetings, we are, but we are also continuously striving to make your life easier regardless of whether you live near or far.
  • Our state of the art wealth management platform allows us to conduct periodic reviews of your personal situation that take into account all of your holdings – not just the assets we manage. During these meetings we review how your combined holdings represent your overall asset allocation and personal risk parameters. We then dynamically illustrate the changes to your retirement plan, and can show you alternative scenarios with results that allow you to see the long-term picture instantaneously. This process redefines the productivity of periodic reviews and helps turn them from wasted time to time well spent.
  • Security and confidentiality is a priority for us, our wealth management platform uses advanced encryption technology – which is the same as that used by the nations largest banks.

As an innovator in planning and portfolio management we are committed to remain at the forefront of the Wealth Management Industry. While much of the financial sector begrudgingly holds onto product driven sales models, we’ll continue to lead the evolution of Wealth Management always acting in our client’s best interest and always striving to make their lives easier.